All about Wealth Platform

Wealth Platform was born out of our belief that our clients should be able to keep track of their money and feel informed at all times about how it’s performing. We wanted our clients to be able to see all their financial information and analysis in one secure place, giving them clarity and insight.

Wealth Platform is a secure online portal for sharing information and data with clients, about their finances. The portal provides valuations of the assets clients hold with us, as well as other assets, in order to build a complete overview of one’s financial position, all accessible 24/7.

By having constant access to your financial portfolio, you are able to monitor your progress towards your goals, view your current total wealth and a breakdown of your assets in an instant, with Wealth Platform.

One of the most positive factors about the portal is that it is a real time saver. It can be accessed anytime, with any tablet, phone or computer.  Clients also have easy access to their own dedicated adviser, who is responsible for providing them with financial planning advice and handling the administration of their portfolios.

With the platform, you and your adviser are able to build a complete overview of your financial positive in a secure and user-friendly way. Your adviser can share private documents like portfolio valuations, with you, assuring your relevant documents are as secure as possible.

It allows you to see how your investments and pensions are performing through easy-to-understand graphs and images designed with you in mind.  You can see your current risk level, take a questionnaire to assess your attitude toward risk, and see insights into the investment profiles you have agreed on with your adviser.

Wealth Platform also acts as a guide. It offers a variety of information to help you understand different investment possibilities, as well as what to expect based on your risk tolerance.

With the help of Wealth Platform, we are able to deliver on the promise of holistic financial planning for our clients and develop deeper relationships with them.

To start mastering your money, ask your adviser to tell you more about Wealth Platform today