How to love your life in retirement?

Getting the most out of retirement means something different to everyone. Some want the ability to wind down and enjoy a slower pace of life, while others yearn for more adventure. So, how do you craft a life in retirement that you’ll really love? 

While the specifics will differ for every individual, these tips will go a long way to making sure you’re living your best retirement.

Living your values

The best thing you can do to make your retirement worthwhile is to make sure it is your retirement.

There will be a thousand suggestions that come your way about how to feel fulfilled and how to have a better retirement than your neighbours, but none of them matter. What matters is what you want. 

Take some time to think about your values and the principles you really believe in. For some it’s meaningful work or education. For others it could be creative expression or adventure. Whatever it is that drives you, retirement is the perfect opportunity to dig into it and give it everything you’ve got. 

If you find yourself wondering just exactly what your values are, try out this useful tool here.

Staying active

Just as no two retirements look the same, neither do methods of staying active during your retirement. However, there are three different types of activity that everyone should try and partake in regularly.

Physical activity

This is the one most people think of when they consider staying active in retirement. As much as you are able, it is important to continue engaging in regular, healthy amounts of activity. Even introducing a daily walk to your schedule can increase your well-being significantly.

While it’s taking care of your physical activity is vital, be sure to consult your GP before starting a new exercise regime. 

Mental activity

People who stay mentally active throughout retirement are better able to enjoy their years away from work. Thankfully, keeping mentally fit can be a very simple process and there is a lot of information out there about how to manage it.

Some ideas for maintaining your mind are: doing puzzles, reading often, taking new classes, introducing a meditation habit and volunteering. Staying physically fit can help with this as well!

Social activity

One of the great things about being retired is finally having the time. You’ll have time to visit family and friends who you wouldn’t normally have the option of seeing and can make arrangements for longer trips than you could previously.

In addition, by volunteering, taking a class, or simply getting involved in other groups with similar values, you can begin expanding your social circle. 

Staying socially active can help you stay motivated and active in the other aspects of your life as well. Enjoying spending time with those you care about is key to finding fulfilment in retirement.

Learning to relax

In addition to devoting yourself to your values and staying healthily active, retirement is the time for you to relax. You may have been working hard for many years and earned this break. Even knowing this, many people find that the hardest thing to do once they’ve retired is to relax. 

Often, people find themselves unsure of what to do without that daily task of going to work and that is ok. If you are finding your downtime too stressful, you can always create a phased retirement and work part time or as a consultant who doesn’t keep regular hours. Retirement doesn’t have to mean all or nothing.

That said, finding ways to enjoy the freedom of time that you have during retirement is important. You can try things like meditation, yoga, or tai chi to introduce a sense of calm. 

Or, alternatively, you can do something as simple as creating a routine around your morning coffee. Taking pleasure in the calm is what retirement is for, after all.

When it comes to retirement, no solution is going to be right for everybody. But, by taking on some of these tips, you can make sure that your retirement is right for you. Use these as a guide to craft a retirement you’ll love.

And, if you need help planning for the financial part of loving retired life, reach out to us here.