Financial Protection Insurance – Do you know what you are paying for?

We all, naturally, keep a close eye on our finances and investment performance, but can often overlook an important part of any pension and wealth accumulation planning.

To ensure we reach our financial objectives, contributions need to be maintained but this can be derailed by incapacity and inability to earn. It is therefore important to review any existing LIFE, CRITICAL ILLNESS, or INCOME PROTECTION INSURANCE arrangements to ensure they are still fit for purpose.

It is also important to remind yourself of any associated benefits your policies may offer as you may have a valuable suite of benefits available.

A good example of this is available through Aviva: –

Global Treatment offers a potentially lifesaving benefit if you or your child is diagnosed with one of six conditions.    

You are provided with up to £2 million of cover to access specialist treatment all over the world.

A dedicated nurse and customer care team identify the best treatment centre for you and will pay for and organise hospital admissions, travel and accommodation for you and a companion.

The six treatments covered are: –

  1. Cancer
  2. Coronary artery bypass surgery
  3. Heart valve replacement or repair
  4. Neurosurgery
  5. Live-donor organ transplants
  6. Bone marrow transplants

The service is available to you or your children up to age 18, or age 21 if in full time education.

We would encourage you to check the additional benefits you have access to, but if you are unsure, we will be pleased to assist.