The type of people we help

We recognise that no two clients are the same. That is why we make sure we find out what is important to you as an individual so that we can tailor our financial recommendations accordingly.

You will have different priorities and concerns at different stages of life.

Retired Professional

We work with many retired professionals who are keen to maintain their current lifestyle and protect their wealth for their family’s future. We put plans in place so that they can be confident their money will last and that they will have enough to leave to their kids. We can also help with estate planning and reduce the potential impact of Inheritance Tax.

Ralph is a 68 year old retired medical professional currently living with his wife in a nice sized house in the Jersey countryside. He’s active, enjoys travelling and visiting his 2 children and grandchildren. He’s worried about having enough money to maintain his lifestyle, and wants to be able to leave a legacy. Advisa Wealth can help Ralph to fully map out his financial future and estate planning, and be there for him and his family as a trusted adviser on all financial and life matters.


It may be that you find yourself a widow/or widower and that it was your spouse who traditionally dealt with all the finances. You suddenly find yourself at a loss as to how to manage your money. Our trusted advisers can act as a sounding board and help you take care of your assets for the rest of your life.

Wendy is 60 years old and recently widowed after her husband passed away after a short illness. She’s been left to deal with all the finances and doesn’t know where to start. Her main concern is leaving a legacy and taking care of herself in the long term. Advisa Wealth can be the trusted adviser she needs, and can help organise her finances and plan her future.

Still working/approaching retirement

You could be in your forties or fifties. You may have a successful career and still be working or have your own business. You are no doubt busy, with little time to manage your personal finances. You may entertain vague thoughts about retirement but have not made any definite plans or have a target date in mind. We will work with you on building your pension fund and help you to set some fixed goals about when you want to stop working.

Martin is a 50 year old MD of a trust company which he founded. He’s incredibly busy, spending his free time with his family. He worries about finding the time to plan for retirement and setting up a legacy for his family. Advisa Wealth has the skills and knowledge to help Martin plan for retirement in the most efficient way.

Young professionals

You may be a young professional in your twenties or thirties. You may be keen to buy your next house, want to support your growing family or are considering whether you can afford private education for them. Retirement no doubt seems a long way ahead but you know you really should be planning for the future. We can help you set key milestones so that you have a clear picture of what you need to be saving each month.

Patrick is a 30 year old sales manager from Jersey, recently married and has one child. All his current goals are short term – looking to the next holiday, child’s birthday and next home. He’s aware he’s too busy to plan for the future, especially being able to afford costs like education. Advisa Wealth can help Patrick map out his life and ensure all the big milestones are covered. After planning this, he’ll know how much money to put away each month to hit his life goals.