Why choose Advisa?

Advisa is one of Jersey’s leading and most trusted firms of independent financial planning professionals. Established in 1995, the firm has developed a refreshing and effective approach to financial planning over the years, in response to their clients’ needs. What makes Advisa truly unique, is their holistic approach to financial planning, their values and their efficient investment solutions.

Their clients include companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, senior executives and individuals with significant levels of income and/or net worth. Regardless of the type of clients that seek advice from Advisa, their goal is to assist anybody in taking control of their financial future by managing their money in order to live the lifestyles they want. The practise of enabling and empowering clients to grow and protect their finances, is at the forefront of Advisa’s approach.

Underpinning the range of services that Advisa offers – which extend beyond traditional investment advice to full financial planning provision – is a core set of values, exercised by an approachable and experienced team of professionals. Their services include:

  • Investments for growth and income,
  • Saving strategies,
  • Mortgage planning,
  • Critical illness or disability protection,
  • Family protection on death,
  • Provision for retirement,
  • Maintaining your standard of living through retirement,
  • Business protection

Not all, but many financial institutions tend to carry an air of rigidity, but Advisa brings a passionate and innovative attitude to the table. Much of their success can be attributed to their creative use of collective expertise and emphasis on accountability, when handling their clients’ financial futures.

A major part of Advisa’s identity is their ability to pinpoint their clients’ true motivation behind their investment objectives. Whether a client’s requirement is to improve the return on their savings, supplement an existing income or to provide for their family, Advisa’s consultants are well versed in prioritising clients’ priorities. By doing this, they are able to accurately and practically set out a financial plan, in order to ensure that goals are realistic and attainable.

Their financial plan follows a structured 6 step process, beginning with an initial meeting to find out more about both parties. After delving into a client’s objectives and current financial situation, consultants research the market, using advanced financial planning tools, to select the best plan of action, tailor-made for a particular client. An important part of the process involves the assessment of a client’s’ attitude to risk, which is particularly relevant when choosing investments solutions.

Finally, before anything is put into action, clients are able to fully analyse the proposed financial plan before it is implemented. Thereafter, Advisa offers ongoing service to make sure clients’ have peace of mind at all times.

A fantastic advantage that Advisa is able to offer their clients, is Wealth Platform – a secure portal for sharing information and data. The firm designed this truly digital tool to allow their clients to keep track of their money and feel informed at all times, whilst also maintaining their green credentials, by encouraging clients to go paperless at the same time.

In this day and age, it’s all about convenience and instant access and Advisa has achieved exactly that with Wealth Platform.

Putting their clients first is clearly at the heart of everything Advisa does and is a sentiment equally shared by all team members.  Each client is treated as an individual,  as the firm strives to build an ongoing lifetime relationship with clients. Clients can expect to work with professional and knowledgeable experts who can relate to all types of clients’ aspirations and hopes for the future.

If you are looking for a financial adviser that knows all the ins and outs of how to make your money work for you, and will take the time to understand your specific circumstances, then it is most certainly worth getting in touch with Advisa.