Our favourite things about the new Wealth Platform

We recently unveiled our new Wealth Platform which took over from the old version that some of you may have used. Our new platform is a secure portal that lets you get in-depth with your finances. You get a clear view of your asset valuations, and you can use it to manage and send your secure documents. 

The Wealth Platform is offered on an opt-in basis. If you’d like to get set up on the platform, please give us a call on 01534 724241 so that we can run you through the steps.

Here are our favourite features of the Wealth Platform:

Secure document management

The platform allows you to securely store your documents and share them with your adviser. 

During lockdown, the new feature really came into its own. In the absence of face-to-face meetings, we could almost operate our service as normal with clients who had the portal. It meant we could receive key documents from them without the need for email encryption, allowing us to continue our service at a crucial time. 

With the amount of hackers and fraudsters in the world, there’s now a serious risk of information getting into the wrong hands. Our platform is highly secure, so you can send documents in complete confidence. You can also use it as a secure ‘cloud storage’ programme, allowing you to keep documents on hand wherever you are. We’ve even heard of clients using it to keep a digital copy of their passport with them while abroad.

View the impact of risk level on your asset allocation

Asset allocation is the process by which your investments are divided through different asset types, for instance, through different shares and bonds. Essentially, it helps to spread risk – by not putting all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes.

The Wealth Platform has a ‘slider’ button that lets you change the level of risk you are prepared to take on. You can then view the effect of changing your risk level on asset allocation. This means you can see what kind of ‘hit’ your portfolio could suffer based on various levels of risk. 

We especially like this feature because it gives our clients an insight into how much their portfolio could decrease. Clients can choose for themselves whether they are comfortable with this. It makes the notions of investment risk and capacity for loss far more tangible.

A clear view of your portfolio

The Wealth Platform has a really user friendly interface that lets you keep track of your entire investment portfolio. It isn’t limited to stocks and shares – you can even track how your rental properties factor into your portfolio.

There is also an option to add in additional assets, like a boat or a car. This enables you to see your total net wealth, something that many people don’t actually know.

It cuts down on paperwork

As IFAs, we would much rather spend our time advising our clients than doing administrative tasks. And we are sure you feel the same way – filling in forms to send off to us probably isn’t your favourite way to spend your free time. 

The new platform really cuts down on administration, both for us and for you. It improves the experience of financial advice for you by allowing you to fill in important paperwork from the comfort of your home, rather than driving down to our offices. 

As we previously mentioned, we’re offering the Wealth Platform on an opt-in basis, so please get in touch if you would like to get started. The platform comes with a great selection of learning resources included, so you should quickly feel confident using it.