8 Trips of a lifetime to celebrate your retirement

There’s never been a better time to retire. People may say that technology has made the world a smaller place, but we think it’s made global adventures more accessible. In this blog we want to look at some incredible bucket list breaks you could take to enjoy your retirement. After all, planning your future shouldn’t just be about investment risk and cash flow modelling…

Drive Route 66 – the ultimate road trip

We’re starting our bucket list with a big one – driving the length (almost) of the United States. It’s a 2 week journey from Chicago and Los Angeles, taking you across three time zones and through great American cities like St Louis and Las Vegas, the captivating beauty of the Grand Canyon and the vast lands of the Texas Panhandle.

View the full itinerary here.

Walk the Great Wall of China

If you enjoy a challenging long walk, what about leaving your footprints behind on the Great Wall of China? Maybe not the full length (unless you have 6 months to spare!), but any section of the mighty 13,064 mile long military barrier snaking through the north China mountains will be sure to build great memories.

A 10-day tour is available here.

Hike the mighty Grand Canyon

If trekking immense distances isn’t your thing, but you do want to cast your eyes on a two billion year old natural wonder, then a stroll through the Grand Canyon is the perfect holiday. With options for every age group, you can either scale the cascading walls, take a donkey ride down to the Colorado River, or sip Champagne on a helicopter tour.

Here is a list of popular Grand Canyon hikes.

Cruise around the world!

Few things say ‘trip of a lifetime’ like circumnavigating the globe from London via six continents and 112 of the world’s greatest cities and ports. Pricing is on the upper end of most budgets – we found one for £66,990 per person which includes 111 guided tours over 245 days. If it’s out of your price range, we recommend at least reading through the day by day itinerary – it’s an adventure in itself!

See Canada from a train window

This one is for railway adventurers – a 2,775 mile trip in four days across the world’s second largest country where you’ll see beautiful scenery, get superior service, and enjoy a unique way of seeing a country’s wildlife. We recommend this travel journal account of the trip in National Geographic.

Cross Africa: Cape to Cairo

A road initially envisioned back in 1890 to connect British colonies, today it spans the continent and offers travellers a unique way of seeing Africa. From the pyramids of Egypt to Victoria Falls and beyond to the southern tip of the continent, the 142-day journey includes travel by 4×4, private bus, boat, ferry and Mokoro (a dugout canoe). 

Check out the itinerary here. 

Autumn on the Appalachian Trail

Autumn is the best time to visit the Appalachians, just as the mountains turn orange. You’re guaranteed to see great views from pretty much anywhere, and it’s a firm favourite on our bucket list of things to see.

Find the best views here.

Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway

Another ambitious journey for railway aficionados, this trip takes you from Moscow, through snow-dusted steppe and taiga all the way to Vladivostok. Alternatively, head to Beijing and explore northern China, the Gobi Desert or Mongolia.

Read more on the Lonely Planet guide here.

This is, of course, only a taste of what the world has to offer! Retirement should never be seen as the end of one’s life, but rather the beginning of the next adventure. For more information on how a financial planner can help you, feel free to get in contact today.