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Group Life Cover

The most valuable contribution a business can provide to its employees is Group Life Cover.

Our Group Life Cover protects you, your employees, and their beneficiaries by decreasing the financial and emotional impact of unforeseen life-changing events such as severe illness, disability, or death.

Death In Service is an employer-sponsored benefit that businesses can offer to their employees. It is a simple way to supply some much needed life assurance until an employee leaves or retires.

Most schemes are based on a number of times the employee’s salary (4 x salary is common) and as these are group schemes these can normally be put in place without any significant investigation or  underwriting.

We are aware of the evolving needs of today’s workforce. As a result, our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They are adaptable and take into account the specific needs of your staff as well as what you can afford.

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