Our investment process

Our Investment Process

We are committed to using an efficient investment solution to help you achieve your financial objectives and personal goals. Our portfolios blend a number of underlying investments, managed by market leading fund managers who take a range of different, yet complementary approaches to asset management based on your appetite for risk.

Our approach is dynamic, utilising a global multi-asset approach. This provides optimal flexibility in order to achieve investor objectives. This dynamic approach gives the ability to accommodate major changes in market or asset conditions which are constantly evolving and can impact the expected risk and return characteristics of assets over time. Being dynamic, we believe, can lead to improved risk management and portfolio efficiency over the medium to long term.

Our investment process covers four main steps:

  • Asset allocation
  • Security Selection
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Ongoing Risk Management

The entire process is reviewed quarterly by our Investment Committee which forms part of the mandate, governance and oversight procedures.

All your investments are visible on our Wealth Platform where you can track portfolio valuations 24/7, all you need is an internet connection. Through this platform, we will keep you informed and enhance the relationship with your adviser.

Portfolio Methodology

Our Investment philosophy is to combine either single style managers or a range of blended solutions. This means we believe we can offer you the best combination of management style, diversification, performance and value in one simple solution, enabling your adviser to incorporate every aspect of your wealth into a comprehensive service offering. We call this unified wealth management.