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We are delighted to present the launch of our responsible investment proposition helping clients invest with a more sustainable future in mind. 

Responsible Investing

At Advisa Wealth we have found that many of our clients are interested in responsible investing but may have diverse goals. 

We are all more conscious and aware of climate change, global responsibilities and social issues which are constantly evolving but so is the number of investments in these areas. The natural outcome of this has been extensive research into a variety of responsible offerings, which meet both clients ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) aims along with their investment requirements. 

Being independent, we select the most appropriate investment managers for clients from a large externally reviewed panel. 

We match each clients’ requirements with the appropriate responsible portfolio, rather than offering a single investment proposition.

Our Responsible Investment Proposition

As a truly independent advisory firm, Advisa will work with you to determine your responsible investing criteria. We then select the most appropriate investment manager(s) to meet your specific needs, allowing you to invest for a responsible future as well as your retirement. 

Instead of a single investment proposition, we select the most appropriate investment managers for clients from a large independently reviewed panel. We draw on impartial research provided by Rayner Spencer Mills Research (RSMR) to develop a shortlist of funds for inclusion in our panel. 

RSMR have been independently assessing funds for many years, their ratings are widely regarded as a mark of quality. We have extended this in-depth analysis to responsible investing. Each investment manager has a unique green approach to responsible investing. Some focus on negative screening and ESG whilst others favour positive sustainable and impact investing. 


Environmental, Social and Governance factors are considered as an integral part of the investment selection process. 

This is an investment strategy where ESG factors are considered as an integral part of the investment process. Environmental factors include resources and energy risk; Social factors relate to social trends such as demographic changes and societal attitudes and Governance factors relate to the quality and robustness of a Company’s internal structure and practices. 

This then all provides a more comprehensive grasp of future opportunities and threats. In practice, the efficiency of this integration is determined by how it is addressed and implemented.


Specific sustainability themes such as environmental solutions, education and diversity. 

This describes the characteristics that ensure businesses, industries, or markets can operate within their means and preserve long-term stability. Although it is more commonly perceived via an environmental lens, it is applicable across the range of ESG concerns and requires that society’s and stakeholders’ expectations are met. 

This could include, for example delivering a lower carbon intensity or a thematic focus such as climate change, pollution or healthcare. 


Exclusions based on company exposure to a controversial activity.

This is an investment approach aimed at selecting companies that exhibit leading sustainability practices and are better positioned to benefit from and create resilience to long-term societal and economic changes. It also involves exclusion based on company exposure to a controversial activity, for example, arms, tobacco, or gambling. 

Screening employs a series of filters to decide which companies or industries are eligible or not for inclusion in a particular portfolio. These parameters could be influenced by an investor’s values and ethics. A screen could be used to exclude the greatest emitters of greenhouse gases from a portfolio (negative screening) or to target just the lowest emitters (positive screening).


Investing with the primary purpose of providing particular, positive social outcomes while also generating a financial return. 

Typically, these are investments in businesses or projects with clear social purpose, giving them the capital they might not have had access to otherwise. 

Investors can address ESG issues by investing in specific solutions such as renewable energy, waste and water management, sustainable forestry and agriculture, health goods, and inclusive financing through impact investing.

Why consider Responsible Investing?

Many investors choose to consider Responsible Investment in order to ensure any investment decisions reflect personal beliefs and values. As a result, they choose to support companies who are making informed, responsible decisions which take into account their wider societal and global impact. In this way investors can achieve peace of mind that their investments are creating a positive effect. 

Many of the managers we use have signed up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 

The UN SDGs include universally recognised calls to action covering a range of interconnected global issues; ending poverty, protecting the planet and improving the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. Your report will provide you with a clear, simple and easy to understand document that shows how your investments are helping to achieve the UN SDGs by investing in companies that are aligned to a better world. 

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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