When life means life

By Paul Hamer on April 14, 2021
Some people object to insurance on the principle that it may not provide any tangible benefits: an insurance policy only…
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Protecting your income

By Paul Hamer on April 9, 2021
The furlough scheme highlights the importance of income assistance – Both Jersey’s income assistance scheme and the UK government’s furlough…
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Is Green Investment set to bloom?

By Paul Hamer on March 30, 2021
‘Ethical’ investments, as the early funds were called, had something of a mixed performance record in their early days, with critics arguing that they usually only performed well in bull markets. 
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Pensions and ESG

By Paul Hamer on March 22, 2021
Many in the financial services industry will remember the first advice we were taught to give clients: ‘Save first, and…
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