Navigating the Future with Advisa Wealth’s ESG Investment Strategy

At Advisa Wealth, we understand the growing desire among investors to align their financial goals with their values, recognising the profound impact of climate change, global responsibilities, and social issues on investment decisions. Our dedication to responsible investing stems from a keen awareness of these evolving priorities, coupled with the expanding universe of investment opportunities that not only address but champion these causes.

As an independent advisory firm, our cornerstone is the bespoke selection of investment managers. This process is pivotal in ensuring that each client’s specific responsible investing criteria are met with precision. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, we draw from a broad, independently reviewed panel of investment managers, tailoring our recommendations to fit the unique profile of each investor. This customisation is powered by our partnership with Rayner Spencer Mills Research (RSMR), whose impartial insights into fund performance and sustainability metrics guide our selection process.

This depth of analysis allows us to navigate the diverse strategies within the green investment spectrum, including Integrated, Sustainable, Screened, and Impact Investing, ensuring a fit for every investor, regardless of where they stand on the green spectrum.


Our ESG Investment Framework

Integrated Investing

At Advisa Wealth, integrated investing means embedding ESG considerations into the heart of the investment selection process. This approach leverages a holistic view, combining sustainability risks and opportunities with traditional financial analysis to uncover resilient and forward-thinking investment opportunities.

Sustainable Investing

Focusing on sustainability themes such as environmental solutions, education, and diversity, our sustainable investing strategy seeks to support businesses and industries poised for long-term stability and growth, ensuring they meet societal and stakeholder expectations across the full range of ESG concerns.

Screened Investing

Our screened investment approach employs rigorous filters to include or exclude companies based on their sustainability practices and exposure to controversial activities. This method aligns investments with an investor’s values, whether by excluding sectors like tobacco and gambling or focusing on the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases.

Impact Investing

Impact investing at Advisa Wealth targets investments with a dual purpose: to generate financial returns and to create positive, measurable social outcomes. This strategy funds projects and businesses with a clear social purpose, such as renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, that may otherwise lack access to capital.

The Importance of Responsible Investing

Choosing responsible investments allows our clients to ensure their portfolios reflect their personal beliefs and values, supporting companies that make responsible decisions with wider societal and global impacts in mind. It’s a way to achieve peace of mind, knowing your investments are contributing positively to the world.

Advisa Wealth proudly aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), supporting universally recognised calls to action that aim to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. Our reporting provides clients with a clear, straightforward view of how their investments contribute to these goals, by funding companies dedicated to building a better world.

To explore how we can align your investments with global sustainability goals, personal values, and achieve returns comparable to traditional portfolios, we invite you to connect with one of our advisers today.